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A Not So Typical Holiday Season

If you sat in our office, you’d hear this a hundred times… “If you bought it, a truck brought it.” Then, you could times that by a hundred when the holiday season ramps up. Usually….

This holiday season, though, the current market isn’t trending like it usually is. We’re not seeing the big surge in retail freight that’s typical for Q4. Flatbed prices have dropped, and right now, freight is cheap.

Even though retail freight isn’t where it usually is, we’re seeing a lot of action in the Northwest. Rates have skyrocketed in that region. With apple season winding down, and the harvest coming out, we’re seeing a rise in reefer freight with commodities, such as onions and Christmas trees. We’re gearing up for a smooth holiday season of freight by servicing our customers and doing what we do best…. Making sure all your toys and treats are under your Christmas tree (and not late). With our 24/7/365 technology, we’re able to handle our clients’ freight needs even on the holidays! If we’re handling your freight, you can dream of sugar plums, and know that we’ll be there anytime, anywhere, no matter what.