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Alexis Stoops Promoted As First Female Regional Sales Manager at Trident Transport

Alexis Stoops has become the first female regional sales manager in Trident Transport history.

“To be the first female regional sales manager here at Trident means more to me than I can really express. When I started at Trident {July 2018}, I was still in school full time pursuing my business management degree. Up until I was hired, I had no idea what I was going to do after school, and I did not think that anyone would give me a chance at a managerial role since I would be a new graduate.

However, Trident rewards effort and provided me with an opportunity to prove my worth,” said Ms. Stoops.

“Since working here, I have never felt that I was treated differently or thought less of because I was a female. My bosses were always encouraging and wanted to see me to make it as the first female regional sales manager. Shortly after graduation, I was told that my efforts had paid off and that I had earned this title. I believe that it was my competitive spirit and ‘never quit’ attitude that helped me get to where I am, along with help and guidance from the amazing Trident team.

“I would encourage any female that has interest in a sales role to try logistics. Although it seems to be a male dominated industry, it is a rewarding and competitive industry to be in. And with the right attitude, it can offer unlimited success. I had little knowledge of this industry when I started and have enjoyed every moment of learning how it works. I believe that logistics is a level playing field that offers endless opportunities for females who are willing to work hard and want to succeed.”