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Balancing a Competitive & Team Mentality in Your Work Culture

We work in an industry that’s all about the game, the grind, the hustle. It can sometimes look like that “dog eat dog” world. The nature of logistics is competitive, so our employees are going to have that competitive spirit hardwired in them. There are a lot of positives to having competitive employees. They’re always trying to be better and they work extremely hard to get to the next level. It’s also critical to have every single employee working together as a team. Each employee at our company is part of a team that works together to service their customers, while also working on their individual book of business. Our culture thrives on a competitive mentality while still balancing team camaraderie. We maintain this balance in our culture through transparency, individual incentives, team incentives, and all-around recognition.

Transparency is a huge part of what we do and who we are at Trident. We value transparency and honesty, which is something we pride ourselves on having with our customers. It’s no different with our employees. Our employees are able to see how they’re doing and how every other employee in the company (across all branches) are doing. We motivate competitiveness by giving employees the opportunity to earn points based on their daily job duties to encourage them to work hard, reach the next level, and be the top contender in the company.

There’s nothing like a contest, incentive, or recognition to really get our employees’ competitive energy buzzing. Plus, it’s so much fun! Hosting a contest for different metric goals you’re trying to reach as a company is a great way to make strides towards your goal and let the employees have some competitive fun in the process. Big or small, employees love to engage in contests even if it’s giving a couple of coffee gift cards to the employees with the most effort one day. This is also a great way to promote a team mentality by implementing different team incentives and contests. Every month, we recognize a team and an individual through two of our monthly incentive programs: Top Producing Pod + Ultimate Warrior.

If your budget doesn’t allow much wiggle room in terms of coffee gift cards, a simple recognition to an employee and team goes a long way. It feels amazing when your efforts and continuous hard work are recognized, especially when it’s recognized in front of the rest of the company. The best part is, recognition can come from anybody! Coworkers, supervisors, managers, company executives – anyone can take some time out of their day to recognize someone or a team in the company that is really hustling! Having coworkers recognize other coworkers promotes that team mentality because everyone wants to see everyone succeed. It truly is an incredible culture when you balance competitiveness & team mentality with your employees. Our employees constantly push each other to reach new heights while helping each other at the same time. What’s your company culture like? All competitive? All team? Or that perfect balance of both? We wanna know.