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Culture, Happiness, and Doing More For Your Employees

Last week, we hosted a little workshop for Chattanoogans to discuss company culture (and what the heck it means) and gave our attendees some tips on creating a powerful company culture, increasing + maintaining employee happiness, and going above and beyond for employees. In case you couldn’t make it to our shindig, we wanted to give a recap that includes a handy, dandy handout for you to download!

Let’s start with company culture. It’s simply the environment you create for your employees. Sounds simple enough, but a lot factors into this shared environment that you create: values, beliefs, behaviors, traditions, attitudes, leadership. So… how does one go about creating this “ideal” company culture they have envisioned?

#1: You Have to Find the Right Candidates
The right candidates will fit in with the culture you’re trying to create. For us, we look for highly self-motivated, high energy, easy conversationalists. Basically… people who want to get shit done and see a lot of success in the process. Candidates with those qualities fit in perfectly with our company culture. Find the candidates that fit in with the culture you’re trying to establish.

#2: Follow Through
You can talk the talk all you want. You can say you have/want a company culture that looks a certain way, but until you do something about it, you’ll never obtain your ideal company culture. You must follow through with actions on what you’d like to implement.

Let’s say you want to shift your company culture, so employees describe their work environment as “fun.” Start by looking for employees and candidates that have certain qualities to fit this “fun” culture shift. Think about candidates that are bubbly, positive, and high-energy that will contribute and engage with a “fun” atmosphere. Then, start doing “fun” activities at work for your employees. Put together company events, random gift days, quirky contests, dress up (or down) days, “just because” events. Celebrate cheesy national holidays. Find ways to implement the culture you’re trying to have within your company.

We believe that employee happiness + engagement is critical and directly correlate to customer satisfaction and overall company success. To achieve this, you have to find out what your employees want/feel. Sending out anonymous quarterly surveys is a great way to give your employees a consistent voice where they can highlight their concerns and give important feedback to what they’d like to see within their work environment. You can use this feedback to jumpstart your action plan to increase employee happiness + engagement.

Here are some ideas you can implement within your company to increase employee happiness + engagement (these ideas have been successful within our company):

  • You could join a local sports leagues (like CSL) and have a work team. This is a great, active way to get your employees outside of the office and still team build (we even wrote another blog post about it)! We do multiple leagues throughout the year, including kickball, softball, flag football, and basketball. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to get your employees involved!
  • Add avenues to de-stress in your workspace for your employees throughout their workday. Even five minutes away from their desk can have your employees feeling refreshed. We’ve incorporated arcade games, ping pong tables, darts, basketball goals, putting holes, free snack bar, lounge rooms, and more into our workspace to help establish a stress-free, work environment.
  • Giving your employees opportunities to give back to their community can do just as much good for your employees’ happiness + engagement levels as they do for your community. We schedule a volunteer opportunity at least once a month to give our employees plenty of chances to leave the office even for an hour and donate their time to a good cause. Organizations we’ve volunteered with include, Child Life Services at Erlanger Children’s Hospital, Austin Hatcher Foundation, Operation Get Active, and more.

At the end of the day, you have to care for your employees. You have to go above and beyond for them and listen to what they want/need. And don’t fret. Building a powerful company culture takes time. It’s not going to happen overnight. But consistently and actively trying to shift your company culture for the better will result in success. You can also help your company culture by downloading our handy, dandy handout! [Download Here] Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas that you can take back to your company. And if you do… we want to hear about it!