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How to Set up Your Employees for Success

We’re relationship builders; it’s no surprise that most everything within our company reflects that notion, even our onboarding/training process. This is where we’ve seen the best results and how we ensure that each of our employees have all the necessary tools to succeed. Maybe what we do can help your company’s training/onboarding program too!

One spark of inspiration led to our “First Day Experience” and our Trident Transport Academy training program. We started a book club with a handful of Trident employees where we would meet once a week and discuss a couple chapters of a book. The book we were working through was The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath, which discussed how critical experiences were in a person’s life, especially at their work. After an enlightening discussion between our employees, we knew we had to elevate our first day experience with future new employees.

The experience and first impression that each new employee has at Trident on their very first day is so important to how their experience will continue to be. It sets the tone of our company. Every new employee should know the history, feel the culture, and invest in our values and mission by the time their first day is over. They need to leave our office feeling empowered, welcomed, and pumped for the next day and for their future at our company.

Before their first day, our Director of HR, Caroline Kirk, sends them a welcome email detailing what to expect, any important items they need to bring, where to park, and so on. On a Trident employee’s first day, they are welcomed by their immediate manager and shown to their desk where we shower them with lots of company merchandise and treats. The new employee is always taken to lunch on their first day with their immediate manager on behalf of the company. We want to show them that they’re included and welcomed, while giving their immediate manager the opportunity to bond and get to know them a little better.

We try to align employees’ first days with our Trident Transport Academy training program. Our training program is a formal, fully-engaged, two-day training seminar that outlines our mission and culture, and provides a high-level overview of the day-to-day duties for each employee. Each new employee gets the opportunity to hear first-hand from our owners, Mark Harrell and Heath Haley, as well as other leaders in the company.

In addition to the classroom training, we also provide new employees with a new hire training binder that aids their learning. The binder contains tons of tips, tools, and resources that will help them as they acclimate to their new position.

The second part of our training/onboarding process is an on-the-job training by immediate managers and peers. We feel that providing our employees with both classroom and hands-on training provides them with an arsenal of information to get them started on the right track.

After new employees complete our training academy, they continue to work closely with their manager and peers for the following several weeks through shadowing and escalated hands-on training. We encourage all new hires to seek solutions to problems and explore all avenues of learning to capture the full experience of freight brokerage, as well as to proactively prepare them for their new role. Every new employee is critical to maintaining our explosion of growth, so we want to give them the best chance at success by providing them with an in-depth training program, a monumentally memorable first day experience, and any tool or resource they may need. Every employee is our company’s future and our future is incredibly bright.