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Increase Your Employee Happiness with Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s a no brainer why a company should give back to their community, support their city’s growth, and help with their city’s needs. What often goes overlooked, is the benefit corporate social responsibility can have on your employees, especially if your company does more hands-on outreach.

It feels good to give back, and when you give that opportunity to your employees, you allow them to come back to work feeling positive, refreshed, and recharged. For us, we try to offer some sort of hands-on outreach for our employees at least once every month. We have multiple organizations that we work with including, Child Life Services at Erlanger Children’s Hospital, the Austin Hatcher Foundation, Operation Get Active, among others.

It does so much for your community, and it does so much for your employees. Check out what some of our employees said about volunteering:

“What a time we all had today. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to stop by and meet these kids. Each and every one of them have such a beautiful soul. Love this company and what we do for our community and even more for these kids.” – Tyler Gibson, volunteered at one of Trident’s patient parties for Child Life Services at Erlanger Children’s Hospital.

“There truly is no other organization like The Austin Hatcher Foundation. During the week of June 16, Katelyn, Corinne, and myself had the great opportunity to volunteer at one of the Hatcher Foundation camps, and it left me speechless. With a variety of fun activities, engaging guests, and learning opportunities, The Austin Hatcher Foundation created a stress free and fun environment which was a catalyst that allowed the kids to escape from and learn that cancer can’t keep them down.

While the staff and camp were absolutely incredible, what really made the week was the fun, rambunctious, and witty kids that I had the opportunity to work with and bond with. Whether directly or indirectly affected by cancer, whether social or shy at the beginning of the week, I saw all of these kids come out of their shell and not let circumstance limit their potential. I cannot wait for our time with the Hatcher Foundation in July!” – Owen Bettis, volunteered at The Austin Hatcher Foundation summer camp with Trident Transport.

“Getting to be a part of kids camp at the Austin Hatcher Foundation was nothing short of FUN. Whether it was painting paper-mâché, creating animals out of clay, or playing games for hours, these kids never ceased to amaze me with their energy and ability to dive head first into everything we were doing. It was so cool to get to know each camper and hear a little bit about their personal stories. Having the opportunity to hang out with these kids and witness their kindness and eagerness to create was so awesome. I had never been a volunteer at any organization similar to the Hatcher foundation, but after being a part of their crew for a week, I am eager to go back. This experience was refreshing and made work extra fun!” – Corinne Spann, volunteered at The Austin Hatcher Foundation summer camp with Trident Transport.

Through our hands-on approach, our employees are able to witness first-hand what they’re giving their time and resources to. They get to experience brightening up a child’s day, connecting with others, and helping a child escape reality for a bit. Next time your company is planning how to give back to your community, try involving your employees or setting up volunteer opportunities for them. Allowing your employees to take time out of their day to give back to their community will increase employee happiness, engagement, and productivity. We’ve seen it ourselves.


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