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Letter to Shipper: Handling the Upcoming Summer Season with Ease

Summer is coming. The freight world is already seeing the beginning of what’s typically a crazy, busy season. The flat bed market is steady and slowly increasing, and we’re starting to see a big swing in van freight.

For you [shippers], this can result in additional stress in finding the best carrier who will provide unparalleled service to move your freight without adding more stress to your job. As volume increases, capacity crunches. More available freight equals less available drivers, and you have to find the best way to navigate that.

Here’s how to handle the upcoming summer season with ease:
Work with a carrier that will provide constant communication, transparency, and has a reputation for being dependable. As mentioned above, the summer season can add some extra stress to your workload, especially if your carriers are not updating you on your loads, or if they’re not getting your freight where it needs to be safely and on time. This is not something you need to deal with when you already have a lot on your plate because you have a lot more freight that needs to get out. Work with a carrier that will be there for you. Anytime. Anywhere. No matter what.

Rates will increase. It’s the yearly swing that we always see. Less capacity means higher rates. You, as the shipper, have to take the Q2/Q3 market and try to minimize damage from tender rejections. This means the spot market could be your best, most cost-effective option, which means you need someone you can trust. If your contract rates get rejected, what’s your best course of action? Call us.

We’re fully equipped to take on the busy summer season, so you can handle your summer with ease. We pride ourselves on our communication; updating the transit of your load from before pick-up to after delivery. We don’t take your dependability on us lightly. You can trust we’ll move your freight safely and on time. And if we experience hiccups? You can rest assure we’ll be transparent and offer solutions to any hiccups we may face. Less stress is attainable. Work with us, so we can handle your freight, and you can handle your summer season with ease.