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Meet the LTL Crew

When you work in logistics, your day is never the same. There are so many different types of moves out there, but one type of move is LTL, or “less-than-truckload.” It’s such a big component of our company that we have an entire team dedicated to service this specific way of transportation. Let’s get to know them and LTL a little better. 

Meet the LTL crew. 
Tim, Austin, Brittany, Zach, Chase, Chris, and Jason spend their days moving “LTL” freight. Less-than-truckload freight, which is anything that will generally take up less than 12ft of space in a truck or are less than six pallets, allows our team to ship freight that does not require a full tractor trailer.   

In the simplest terms, they offer more cost-effective options versus moving on a dedicated truck. They take small shipments and provide their customers with cheaper options to move their product that may not need to be moved urgently. Their customers differ from other customers Trident services because LTL customers are often smaller businesses that move less product than large shippers. If customers have a shipment that doesn’t need a full truck to transport it, LTL is typically the best option because they’re only paying for the space their shipment occupies. It allows our crew to transport much smaller shipments, share trailer space with many other non-Trident related shipments, and make multiple stops for the shared shipments. 

One thing LTL loves to do is commingle.

“They [customers] come to us to move smaller shipments with a lot more information needed to make sure their freight is shipped properly,” said Timothy Brown, Account Manager for LTL. 

Our LTL crew utilizes their special skills to continually service their customers successfully. They have to familiarize themselves with NMFC (Freight Classification), what type of establishment it is picking up and delivering to, and if there are accessorials needed for a single shipment (i.e. liftgate, residential, CFS, time critical, overlength, limited access, sort and seg). There’s a lot of detail that goes into a single LTL load, like a checklist that are crew has to check off before the load is ready to be shipped. After determining the cubic capacity, density, freight class and proper NMFC and how they are calculated for each shipment, they have to determine how that will affect the cost of LTL shipping. They also have to know the carriers and regions of the country each carrier works the best in and what type of shipment these carriers are best at moving.  

It’s apparent that it takes a special kind of person to successfully handle LTL freight and be a part of our LTL crew. To get to know them better, we asked the team two questions about working on LTL: 

1) What do you like most about working on the LTL crew? 

Austin’s Answer: “I enjoy being able to work in LTL because it proves challenges that other areas may not present. There are many ways that we can manipulate shipments in order to provide the best result for our customers, and every day presents a new challenge.” 

Tim’s Answer: “Being able to determine the correct Class of freight and making sure our customers can depend on us to get it right the first, so there are no additional charges, beyond the original rate we provide for them, with the information given to us.” 

Jason’s Answer: “Capacity and set rates.” 

Chris’s Answer: “Consistent capacity and rates year-round; even in the most remote markets.” 

2) If you could say one thing to prospective customers in the LTL market that you service, what would it be? 

Austin’s Answer: “You will not find another logistics provider in the world that will work harder and exhaust every effort in order to move your shipments in a timely, efficient manner that will save you time, stress, and effort.” 

Tim’s Answer: “We are the best LTL Department in the industry and will make sure your freight is handled and delivered, efficiently.” 

Jason’s Answer: “We have a dedicated LTL department and an online rating tool where you can quote, book, and track all your shipments!” 

Chris’s Answer: “Check out our new online rating tool. Great rates and full visibility of your supply chain all from one page.” 

At the end of day, this is the crew you’re going to want in your corner to handle all your less-than-truckload freight. They know what they’re talking about, know what they’re doing, and can get it done for you!  

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