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Meet the OD Crew

When you work in logistics, your day is never the same. In the morning, you could be moving pallets of rubber. By the afternoon, you could be moving some massive construction equipment, and each move is completely different. There’s a lot of knowledge and expertise that goes into doing what we do, especially when moving the big stuff. Lucky for us, we have a group of guys and gals that are chock full of knowledge and expertise to always get the job done.

Meet the OD crew.

Zach, Jerry, Brad, Matt, Mary, Justin, and Zane are led by their fearless leader Ryan and spend their days moving “OD” freight. Over-dimensional freight, which is anything that will exceed legal height, width, length, or weight as it moves down the road, requires additional attention and knowledge of what’s needed to move it safely and legally.

In the simplest terms, they lend their expertise in moving OD freight to their customers, they find solutions to haul the largest pieces of equipment they can find, and then they move it. Their customers differ from other customers Trident services because OD customers often need special consideration on pick-up and delivery, as well as, needing help with what type of equipment to use.

“OD freight takes a lot more time for preparation and requires a more particular network of carriers,” said Mary Allen, Account Manager. “These customers trust us with determining the most efficient way to move their OD freight and finding trusted carriers.”

Our OD crew utilizes their special skills to continually service their customers successfully. It takes a lot of spatial intelligence and attention to detail. They also have to possess knowledge of state by state laws, different equipment availability and capacity, pricing experience, market conditions, permitting costs, escort requirements (civilian and police), and have the ability to see potential problems that might go with stabilizing or moving the freight. This might mean that moving large freight is driving 500 miles out of the way to get it there. One wrong calculation could result in thousands of dollars in damage, so it’s critical that this crew knows their stuff (which they do).

It’s apparent that it takes a special kind of person to successfully handle OD freight and be a part of our OD crew. To get to know them better, we asked the team two questions about working on OD:

1) What do you like most about working on the OD crew?

Mary’s Answer: “I am a huge puzzle person, so every challenge to piece large items together on a trailer or find a specialized truck that can hold massive weight at the most efficient rate is fun for me.

Justin’s Answer: “The drivers that move OD freight are often helpful and provide a lot of insight to the market and industry. We learn something new on almost every move.”

Brad’s Answer: “I feel like it separates us from your everyday broker.”

Ryan’s Answer: “Moving things that others wouldn’t even consider. That’s my favorite part.”

Matt’s Answer: “Getting pictures of the huge equipment we are moving from the drivers.”

Jerry’s Answer: “I like how we deal with a specialized part of the industry that not many people work in. We get to build the relationship with both the customer and the carrier at the same time.”

Zane’s Answer: “I get to keep talking to the same people and develop a strong partnership.”

Zach’s Answer: “We get to work directly with engineers, technical salesmen, construction managers, estimators, and many others who are each highly familiar with their equipment fleets.”

2) If you could say one thing to prospective customers in the OD market that you service, what would it be?

Brad’s Answer: “Please provide me with every bit of information you have on the project as something as small as an inch might change the whole plan.”

Justin’s Answer: “Use us! We are the best and will keep communication the #1 priority throughout the process!”

Mary’s Answer: “Your headaches are my field days. Trust us with your burdens and you won’t get another wrinkle because of your specialized trucking needs.”

Ryan’s Answer: “How much does that need in the well?”

Matt’s Answer: “That can actually fit on a standard step deck which would save a lot of money.”

Jerry’s Answer: “We strive to be the best OD team out there.”

Zane’s Answer: “In this industry, communication is golden. Let me show you my worth.”

Zach’s Answer: “Call Trident if you want to speak to someone who cares as much about your equipment fleet as you do.”

At the end of day, this is the crew you’re going to want in your corner to handle all your over-dimensional freight. They know what they’re talking about, know what they’re doing, and can get it done for you!

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