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Power of Customer Service: A Service-Minded Model vs. A Price-Minded Model

We never say we’re the cheapest. We don’t want to be, and we’re not going to tell our present and future customers something that isn’t true.

Instead, we say we’ll provide the best, all-inclusive service accompanied by constant communication through pick up, transit, and delivery, complete transparency, top quality carriers, our cradle to grave model of work, and our top of the line insurance coverage.

Believe it or not, excellent customer service beats out a cheaper price almost every time. Using our service-minded model, we can offer our customers a fair rate that will guarantee the job gets done above and beyond expectations. More than that, our customers know we truly care because we’re a service-minded company.

Our most basic function is to be a problem solver; we do not manage freight, we provide solutions to our clients’ problems.

We don’t want our relationships with our clients to just be transactional and unemotional. We want a personal relationship with our customers. We want to know our customers inside and out. We want to service our customers.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Make ourselves different. Stand out from the rest of the people calling on our clients every single day.
  • Develop a personal relationship: know about their home life, their hobbies, their favorite sports team, anything. We want our conversations to be more than just how many loads of product they move a week.
  • Find out how our clients like to work because no customer should be interacted with the same way.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.
  • Deliver bad news as soon as we’re made aware. And then work tirelessly to provide a solution to the problem.


We’re the anytime, anywhere, no matter what team and we want the relationships we have with our clients to be no different. We get it though…..

Price is always a factor. And sometimes your hands are tied when it comes to price vs. service. But, most of the time, you’ll be comfortable paying a little more knowing you won’t have to worry about the location or condition of your freight. Our service-centered model takes your stress, hassle, and worry away. You’re paying for excellent service, and sometimes that means there will be someone else that’s cheaper than us.

We don’t worry though. We know that at the end of the day, our customers keep coming back because they see the value and the power of great customer service.