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Remaining Positive in the Workplace

Even when you work for the greatest company in the world, you’re going to have hard days at work. Something will happen to make your day stressful (whether work related or not) and it could be hard to focus and remain positive at the office. Allowing negativity to consume you can become counterproductive and make your job less enjoyable. We’ve mapped out five tips to help you remain positive in the workplace.

#1: Jot down some positives about your job/workplace
It always helps to remember what you love about your job especially when you’re stressed out. Think about the positive aspects about your job/workplace and write them down! Whenever you feel stressed, read your list and get back to the roots of why you love your job. It’s easy to get stuck in a negative rut where your brain points out or remembers all the negatives. This is a good way to retrain your brain to think about the positives!

#2: Take a couple of minutes to yourself
Sometimes your brain (and you) just need a small break. It’s amazing what a little movement can do to help stress! If you’re getting bogged down at work, take a couple of minutes to leave your desk/work space. Go for a short walk. Take a breather outside and get some fresh air. If you’re in our office, go play a short game of Golden Tee, Pac Man, or go challenge a coworker to a game of ping pong. Trust us, you’ll get back to your desk feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

#3: Listen to your favorite tune
Everyone has that one song that always lifts their spirits. It’s that song that you just can’t help singing along to. When the day is getting you down, crank up your favorite tune and jam out.

#4: Mingle with your work bestie
Talk your stress and negativity out. Find that high-energy, positive coworker and feed off of their energy. Sometimes you just need a little help from a friend. We all have those days, so your coworker will understand! It’ll feel good to get some things off your chest, reenergize, and bond with a coworker.

#5: Remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day
A new day means a new opportunity. Forget yesterday’s troubles, they’re in the past. Focus on what you can do to have a positive, productive day. You got this.