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The Power of Thank You

We live in a digital, fast-paced world where sending a message takes a couple of seconds. As convenient and necessary at times as it can be, we’re losing some value when it comes to the art of communication.

That’s where the power of thank you comes in.

Making your business relationships feel appreciated and valued will continue to strengthen and propel these relationships forward.  (This can be accomplished with any relationship in life, but we’re going to focus on the business side of things).

Now, it’s all fine and dandy to shoot your customers a quick email telling them thanks for all they do, but where’s the magic in that? Try setting aside time from your busy schedule to write out personalized, handwritten thank you cards for your customers. Break it down to 3-5 cards a week until you’ve written thank you cards for all your customers, let some time pass, and then do it again! Make this a part of your weekly routine and your customers will benefit from it (and so will you).

Your customers will know you took the time to sit down and write out your appreciation, and they’ll receive a meaningful, personal note that’s all about them. Plus, everyone loves receiving mail since they probably don’t receive as much physical mail as they receive emails.

It’s a great conversation starter the next time you speak with your customers over the phone. Unless they bring it up first, you can always start the conversation by asking if they received your letter before moving on to business and how you can service them. The same can be said with your prospects. If you had a great phone call or meeting with them, you can follow up with a personal, handwritten thank you card saying you appreciate their time and consideration, and then use that as one of the reasons for your next phone call with them.

Be in the business of relationships and utilize the great power of a thoughtful thank you.