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Tips on Becoming a Better Account Manager

To all the account managers, brokers, and salespeople out there:
Being a successful account manager takes a lot of grit, grind, and determination. It’s not always the easiest job but let us tell you…. It’s rewarding. There’s nothing like getting that first shot from a new customer and totally crushing it.

We asked some of our best of the best to shoot us over some tips on becoming a better account manager.

First up is Tyler Gibson, Trident’s Master of the Call:
– Be committed to the “why” and identify what it is that makes you get up in the morning and go get it.
– Always accept that risk and discomfort is a part of growth and the only true way to better yourself comes from getting out of your element.
– You have to keep learning. Every day.
– Mistakes will be made, problems will arise. The best thing you can do for yourself and parties involved is be the person that does everything you can to provide an immediate solution.

Next up, we have Dustin “Hottub” Blevins, Spirit of Trident:
– Be the best version of yourself- we represent our individual brands and the company as a whole.
– Be honest- treat your customer with respect and own your mistakes. It will pay off.
– Don’t be afraid to ask for help- Building relationships rely on communication. If you aren’t sure of how something works, ask your coworkers or even your customer, depending on the relationship.  

Our Broker of the Year, John Baggett says:
– Continue to build partnerships even when the prospect tells you no. Continue to speak with them on a regular basis. Never take no for an answer, ask why not me? What do I have to do to get my name into the conversation?
– Numbers equal results, the more calls and emails you make and send, the more chances you have of someone opening the door for you.
– Be honest with your customer, provide the best customer service that they have ever experienced.

And then there’s Zach “Thor” Thornton, Tampa’s Heart of Trident:
– Over communicate everything. If your customer has to ask, you have failed!
– Pick up the phone and call. Be more than just an email.
– Deliver bad news as eagerly and quickly as you deliver good news.
– Listen to others and ask questions.
– Never stop learning.
– Be a team player. Be eager to teach/ help others. It will make you a better broker, and you may be surprised what YOU end up learning in the process.
– Don’t ride the “freight rollercoaster.” A broker’s days are full of ups and down. Don’t ride too high on the good days and don’t get too down on the bad.

You’re going to want to pay attention to what this guy has to say. Our Load Master, Timothy Brown advises:
“The first initial thought that comes to mind when stepping into the brokerage world, whether it is regarding full truck load, OD, flatbed or LTL divisions, is do not get discouraged! The market and customers can be quick to say ‘No’ or ‘We are satisfied with our current broker.’ Don’t let this stop you from continuing to reach out or contact them. By politely and respectfully showing persistence in contacting a potential customer, you are also reflecting your dedication and willingness to make sure their current shipping needs are being met. One other tip I would provide is always respond in a timely manner to your customers. Even if you don’t have the status update on a shipment, respond by saying that you are checking on it and will give them an update, verses making them wait an unknown amount of time until you have the update. This shows you are on top of their shipment and that you are putting their inquiries at the top of your list. This places confidence in you and the service you provide, making it easy for them to say ‘No’ the next time another broker calls, trying to take that business.”
– Surround yourself with people who make you better.
– Go above and beyond for your clients, potential customers and co-workers.
– Prioritize your workload.
– Be available, 24/7/365 to the organization and every aspect that comes with it.
– Take pride in your company and show the world who you are!

Tampa’s Employee of the Year, Hannah Feldhacker swears upon these tips to be a better account manager:
– Treat everyone with respect. Whether that is to a driver, dispatcher or your co-workers. Being respectful to the people that you work with directly will go a long way. 
– Make sure you pay attention to the little details. Small mistakes could make a big difference!
– Lastly, be as personable as possible. Ask people how their day is going. Ask your customers about their children or their hobbies. If you care about them, they will care about you!

So, if your 2020 goal is to be better at your job, adopt these tips to help you get there!