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Tips to Reduce Work Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month and we think we can all agree that it has been a stressful month that we’re all fully aware of. It’s good to have small strategies in place to help combat work stress when you start feeling it. Some of these tips can be implemented individually, but we do have some strategies that companies can utilize to help reduce work stress during the workday too. 

Your work environment plays a huge role in the stress you can feel throughout the day. If you’re working from home, set up a dedicated workspace that you can go to. Light a relaxing candle or play some brain focusing, calming music. Just having a dedicated space in your home that’s for work will help you feel less disorganized or scrambled and keep some of the stress away. (Side note: We’d love to see your at-home office spaces. Send them in!) 

Companies – if you still have employees working in an office setting, create some spaces throughout the office where employees can go to de-stress. For us, we have a lounge room that our employees can hang out in. We also have arcade games, ping pong table, snack bar, etc. to give them outlets to blow off some steam during the workday.  

One of the best things you can do during the workday is to get up and move around every so often. Get away from your computer or phone and take a short walk. We’re currently implementing a small, daily fitness challenge for our employees to help get them moving and break up the workday. Add in a few squats and jumping jacks every hour and give your brain and body a nice boost of energy!  

Stick to your routine. This can be harder for those now working from home with their personal and professional lives starting to blend together, but it’s important to stick to the same routine you found yourself in when you weren’t working from home. Maybe you exercised at a certain time every day? Try to keep that time frame dedicated to working out. Maybe you cooked dinner when you got home? Try to keep your routine up. Feeling organized and “normal” will help keep the stress down as much as it can.  

Stress has a way of creeping in, especially with what’s going on in the world around us. Try these tips out the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed.